First of all you need a stable internet connection preferably over 7MBPS.

Our IPTV its compatible with:
Android BOX

Providing services and setting up a new account bring costs to us.
Therefore, before paying for the service, be absolutely sure that you want the service, otherwise we cannot cancel or change a service. If you aren’t sure about the service you want to buy, you can first contact us and get help.

Available payment methods for GOLD IPTV are:


You will get a full refund If you have paid for the service but we haven’t yet activated the service for you, you can request a cancellation and refund.

You can see the list of channels here.
Some of channels in this list may be disabled and also many more will be added in future so that list maybe is not fully updated.
Keep in mind that some channels who offer sport events are only for LIVE matches only and rest of time will be offline.

Sure you can. We offer a 24H test for our service and you can get that by contacting us in our contact forms.
Please also keep in mind that during some important SPORT EVENTS such as finals etc, a free test will not be possible.

Our servers are most stable servers and 99.99% uptime and also we in 24/7 have experts to maintenance.
If you got problem to load list please check these first:
Maybe you are using a slow VPN.
You can turn your VPN OFF or you can change that.
Maybe your ISP blocked IPTV so you can use a good VPN.